Werenure Island was a vast, rolling island on which Castle Werenure was built. This castle was under the leadership of King Wezarid the Mighty, a decrepit old wolverine broken down with age, wild and crazed of mind. He began to slay his courtiers and other subjects soon after he passed his prime, believing they were all in conspiracy against his rule. About this time a young Captain Flager arrived with his adventurous crew. He was quite popular among the vermin of the island, and soon many began to join his small crew. It soon grew too numerous for his leaking, ragged old ship, and so Flager stole another ship called the Rustkeel, belonging to Captain Wafclaw the weasel. His former ship, was handed over to Wafclaw as Flager's idea of a joke. Wafclaw angrily followed Flager until the ferret tricked him into getting himself and his crew slain by a huge sea serpent. Later Saltrag the rat came upon the island, where Wezarid still ruled, and slew the beast. Saltrag then took over, eventually deciding to go to Mossflower after reports came to him of a legendary Abbey called Redwall. He never came back, but left Magauld the stoat in power, and so the island was mostly forgotten.