Gender: Male

Eye color: Light sea blue

Species: Fox

Place of Origin: The North Lands

Appearance: Vince has Red/tan fur, he wears a

Weapons: Vince has a pair of throwing knives, he also has a long sword and a bow and arrow set, incase he needs to use them.


Vince is friendly, but he is also bossy and demanding, Vince is also has a good since of humor and is fond of helping out, every once in a while.


Vince was born in the North lands, along with brother, Levi, during his youth, Vince worked at the local market, where he and Levi learned in the arts of trade, Vince found this intresting, so he went for it, Levi in the other hand went for the arts of healing, at the age of 13, Vince began to work for the local cafe, where he was payed, Vince is also a skilled cook, he cooks in the kitchen of the cafe, and sometimes he helps his mother cook dinner at home, at the age of 14, Vince became the head cook at the cafe, he ran a hard working staff, along with his brother, Levi who came in to help out, once in a while, or when Vince asked him to give him some help.

Age: 15

Relationships: Mike (God Father) Salem (Godmother) Alyssa Banks (Older Half Sister) Melinda (Adopted Mother) The Abbot (Father figure/friend) Niko Banks (Adopted Father)

Family: Diana Banks, (Aunt) Rosemarie Flynn (Other mother) Alyssa Banks (Half sister) Melinda, (Adopted Mother) Jason Voorhees, (Uncle) Lem, (Uncle) Rei, (Grandfather) Lit, (Grandmother) Cire (Uncle)