Name: Varlode

Species: Wildcat

Gender: Male

Rank: Once-lord, now roaming Warlord

Appearance: He's tall, muscular, and dangerous. Draped around his shoulders, and almost covering his shining steel-breastplate, is a large dark-green cloak. On his head is an iron, spiked helmet, once worn by his greatest ancestor: Ungatt Trunn

Personality: Vicious, fearless, and dangerously-mad, personally making it his duty to destroy all around him.

Weapons: A large, spiked mace, and a broadsword, nearly-big-enough for a fully-grown male badger to carry.


A descendant of Ungatt Trunn, the crazed wildcat carries the warthirsting blood of his savage ancestors in his veins...

Travelling from his ancient home in the North, the wildcat is out seeking to spill some blood, and gather some treasure, in that famed land known as Mossflower