Located in the far reaches of the Great Western Sea or Western Ocean, the Isle of Wellt was originally home to a small mountain and a small jungle surrounding it, with one point facing the sea. The isle was inhabited by small tribes of savages until seeral explorers came there, including Captain Flager of the Rustkeel, a ferret. He was the first to enterprise upon the island's lush jungles and easily fooled natives; in the end getting the tribal vermin to build him a two Forts without anything in return, then going on to become his loyal pawsoldiers. The ferret fashioned himself a King, and plagued all shipping passing his Isle. After the destruction of most of the jungles to make the Forts, Flager ordered twelve ships built for himself. It would have been a grand fleet, but the ferret should have waited for the forests to grow again, for at last only a small grove remained, which Flager had inside the larger of the forts for his own personal edibles, such as fruit and coconuts. Only 8 ships were built, and soon after the natives revolted. Tired of farming for their greedy "king", they burned his flagship in retaliation. Flager then had the loyal savages battle the disloyal ones, while he and his crew slipped away on one of the faster ships, setting fire to the island in their wake. They never returned. The orchard in his Palacial Fort grew bigger until it claimed the island once more. Dreadful creatures- huge snakes, other massive reptiles and hordes of toads took over, the toads gradually allowing the remaining tribal vermin into their ranks. And so the isle was plunged back into chaos, with the burnt remains of the "palace" the only grim reminders of its colorful past.