Gender: Male

Eye color: Green

Species: Red Fox

Place of Origin: North of Mossflower

Appearance: Tazorx is a Red Fox with purely red fur, his front and back paws are both black (Is the reason why people ask him why he is wearing gloves and he tells them thats his paws) Taz wears a light blue taunic with a black belt, he also wears a jacket from time to time during the cold seasons, Taz sometimes wears a tank top and red jeans, but not to often.

Weapons: Taz has a pair of daggers that he carries in his belt, he also has a long bow and a lance, he also carries a 99 mm machine pistol and he can use any kind of weapon.


Tazorx is between a good/evil kind of personality, he is evil but not true evil, he is mostly kind and kind hearted then evil, the only evil he does is mean tricks and pranks on Woodlanders, he is also abit of a flirt with the local females and can charm them (Even Woodlanders) into doing him a favor, the only one that he can't control with this trick of his, is his sister Arolana.


Tazorx and his sister were born North of Mossflower during the summer, he and his sister are always arguing (Brother sister love) but they get along most of the time, Taz is a very evil fox, he plays alot of mean jokes on others and he can take few things a tad too far, when he was 15, Taz became a real charmer with the maids, no matter what their age was or their species, till he met Jackie, a beautiful foxmaid who became Arlo's patient and soon his girlfriend, he liked her alot, and soon he asked her for her paw in marrage, which she accepted, soon he then descovers that Jackie is pregnant with his child, which came as a shock to him, after getting married to Jackie, Tazorx and Jackie had a daughter named Gale-Violet, around when Taz turned 18, he and his sister celebrated their birthday at a local resturant, whuch was the only time they got along, Tazorx is also a very skilled thief, is the reason why he gets away from the cops so easy, he gives the meaning (Sly Fox) Tazorx soon met a young squirrelmaid named Rachel also known as the poisioner, he bacame good friends with her and soon he started to become attracted to her, Tazorx also had a neck for cooking but he was more of a comedian then a cook, also he is good at paw to paw combat and weaponary.

Age: 19

Relationships: Jackie (Bestfriend/Girlfriend/Wife/ Ex Wife) Rachel (Girlfriend) Rumets (Best friend)

Family: Parents (Unknown) Arolana Bonebreaker (Sister) Rumnets (Best friend/spiritral brother) Jackie (Girlfriend/wife/ex wife) Gale-Violet Bonebreaker (Daughter