Gender: Female

Eye color: Brown

Species: Rat

Place of Origin: North of Mossflower

Appearance: Tabitha is a grey fur rat, and she wears a blue dress and sandles, she also wears a taunic with the same color as her dress, which she wears sometimes.

Weapons: Tabitha carrys a set of daggers, she also carrys kitchen knives and has a sling which she uses when she needs to.


Tabitha is a very cheerful rat, she is also like Ruby and Rosa, in a way and she can be brave at times but mostly, Tabitha has a heart of gold.


Tabitha was born in the North of Mossflower, later on her family moved to the West of Mossflower, there she met her 2 best friends, Rosa and Ruby, Tabitha is known to be a talented cook, Tabitha and Rosa had a neck for cooking and they made a good team when it came to cooking, at the age of 17, Tabitha Rosa and Ruby joined a rat horde, but that didn't stop Tabitha and Rosa from being a team of cooks, soon Tabitha, Rosa and Ruby joined the Amazon Clan, where they became a team of chefs once again, Tabitha, Rosa and Ruby also made some new friends in the Amazon Clan and they now help and supprot the Amazon Clan and their fellow woodlanders and good vermin, alike. Rosemarie "Rose" Flynn

Age: 21

Relationships: Rosa (Best friend) Ruby (Best Friend) Sylvie (New friend) Reah (New friend) Rose (New friend) Greenheart (New friend)

Family: Mr. Lindsay (Father) Mrs. Lindsay (Mother) Amazon Clan (New family)