Captain Saltrag was the rat captain of the Rippsail, a pirate barque. Galfeer and Dashkoe, two of his crew, plotted against him briefly but seemed to have stopped this after they made their way to the Island of Werenure. Saltrag participated in the removal of the old and crazed Wezarid, then made his way to the top. He began to grow "easy in the life of a king" and so decided to find the famed Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Country. Along with Captain Magauld and Captain Rakeclaw, he set sail. Suddenly Magauld gave an excuse that his ship was leaky and so he needed to go back for repairs. Saltrag let him go back to Werenure and the stoat took over easily. Rakeclaw the ferret, the other captain, stayed with Saltrag