Gender: Male.

Eye color: Blue.

Species: Weasel.

Place of Origin: Southlands and is currently living in Mossflower

Appearance: Rune is a brown redish weasel, he wears a green taunic, he wears a pair of sandles aswell.

Weapons: Rune carrys a a pair of daggers and he also has a long sword, sling, bow and arrow and a set of throwing knives.


Rune is a nice fellow, but he is abit cowardly, Rune can be mean when threatened, but if his enemy is bigger than him, he will back down, he has the courage to fight his enemies, but sometimes he can't.


Rune Chaos was born in the Southlands, during this time, his family moved to Mossflower, soon Rune joined a tribe of vermin, to help support his family, soon he was captured by Armin and his gang, who he was happy to give infomation to, due to him hating being a bad vermin.

Age: 25

Relationships: None at the momment

Family: Mr Chaos (Father) Mrs Chaos (Mother)