Gender: Male

Eye color: Brown

Species: Ferret

Place of Origin: South of Mossflowr

Appearance: Rumets is brown ferret with a white patch of fur around his right eye, he wears a red taunic with a brown belt and cloggs, he also wears green short pants and a short sleeve T-shirt and white shoes.

Weapons: Rumets carries long bows and couple of daggers, he also has couple of poison daggers he made and Arlo added the poison to the daggers, he also uses a machine gun or a crossbow during battle aswell.


Rumets is a very humorius ferret, he is a carring beast at heart, though he can be abit of a pest when it comes to his silly jokes, but he is also very nice once other beasts get to know him.


Rumets was born at the South of Mossflower, he and his family lived there during his baby years, around the age of 3, Rumets and his family left to go and live in the North of Mossflower, where he met Taz and Arlo, at the age of 13 Rumets decided to learn how to become a comedian, which he became pretty good at, even when he uses his comedy skills to destract enemies or attract a young maid he likes, at the age of 16 Rumets became a really talented comedian, he also worked at the cafe where Arlo sang at, he also worked as a waiter, which he was also good at, Rumets has a secret crush on Arlo, due to her beautiful voice, he sometimes would try to impress her with his jokes and new acts on stage, at the age of 18, Rumets became head waiter at the cafe, he also still had his secret crush on Arlo, but he hasen't told her about it, yet but he has told Tazorx about it, which Taz thought was funny, till Ru said he was not joking, after this, Taz believed him and stopped, Rumets then continued his work at the cafe, along side his crush, Arlo.

Age: 18

Relationships: Tazorx (Best Friend) Arlo (Best Friend/Crush) and afew admires of his comedy.

Family: Mr. Boneshadow (Father) Mrs. Boneshadow (Mother) Grand parents (Unkown from mother of father,s side of the family) Gale-Violet (Goddaughter)