Gender: Female

Eye color: Brown

Species: Mouse

Place of Origin: Noonvele

Appearance: Rosemarie is a mouse with tan fur, she wears a purple taunic with a black belt, she also wears exspensive dresses, all in diffrent colors, Rose can also been seen wearing a brown or green taunic from time to tome, but rarely wears her taunics.

Weapons: Rose carry's few mutiple weapons, such as a sling, short sword, a set of daggers and a javelin.


Rose is a head stronge mousemaid, she is also thoughtful and has a heart of gold, but she does not take nonesince from any beast, woodlander or vermin, but besides all of that, she is a good hearted mouse.


Rose was born in Noonvale, her family runs the local inn and she helps out, during the age of 12, Rosemarie became a babysitter for the children who stay at the inn, she always knew what to so, when they steped out of line, at the age of 14, Rosemarie moved to live in Mossflower, under her grandparent's supervision as she stayed there, at the age of 15, Rosearie met a mouse, whom she seemed to like, she tuke the mouse back to her grandparents place, where she and the mouse talked and soon they became close friends, soon the mouse revealed himselt to be Niko Banks the mouse from Redwall Abbey, as the weeks passed, Rosemarie and Niko soon started to fall in love with one another, and eventually they got married and had a daughter named Alyssa "Carla" Banks"

Age: 16

Relationships: Niko (Friend/bestfriend/boyfriend/husband) Mike (family friend) has sevral friends in Noonvale and Mossflower.

Family: Mr. Flynn (Father) Mrs. Flynn (Mother) Mr. Flynn senior (Grandfather) Mrs. Flyn Senior (Grandmother) Niko Banks (Friend/bestfriend/boyfriend/husband) Alyssa Banks (Daughter)