Gender: Female

Eye color: Green

Species: Rat

Place of Origin: West of Mossflower

Appearance: Rosa wears a yellow taunic and sometimes wears a fancy red dress, normally on special occasions, she appeares to me a normal rat with brown fur, and has less scars than Ruby, from recent battles with her comrades.

Weapons: Rosa carries a bow and arrows set, and a long sword, which she uses as defence against her enemies.


Rosa is a mean and very over protective rat maid, but she can be kind when wants to, but normally she is helpful and caring towards her friends, woodlander and vermin, Rosa shows her kindness when she is more happy and cheerful


Rosalina "Rosa Collins was born in the West of Mossfolower Woods, along with her sister Ruby Collins, at the age of 14, Rosa became a cook and studdied the arts of cooking, made her a good chef even when her and Ruby were in a rat horde, she was a fantastic cook, at the age of 16, Rosa and the horde that her and Ruby joined along with their childhood friend, Tabitha Luz Lindsay they attacked a small village, in which Ruby lost her husband, and her and Rosa's brother was killed in, soon Ruby, Rosa and Tabitha joined the Amazon clan, that spared their lives, and they now live and fight along side the Amazon clan.

Age: 20

Relationships: Tabitha (Childhood friend) Ruby (Sister) Sylvie (New friend) Reah (New friend) Rose (New friend) Greenheart (New friend)

Family: Ruby (Sister) an Unknown brother and husband, The Amazon clan (New family) Mr. Collins (Father) Mrs. Collins (Mother)