Gender: Male

Eye color: Blue

Species: Weasel/werewolf

Place of Origin: Salamandastron

Appearance: Richy is a brown fur Weasel and he is also a werewolf, he wears a red tunic and he often wears his Blue or Green jeans and matching jackets.

Weapons: uses his claws in his werewolf form he carries an axe and some daggers and a magnum.


Richy is the most kind hearted beast according to his mother, he has good manners and helpes others who are in need, he is one of a kind who enjoys helping others and has become friends with lots of good and bad beasts.


Born 2 years before Tony his best friend, Richy was the most loved thing in his family, when he was at the age of 12 he witnessed a werewolf attack, at the age of 14 he was attacked by a werewolf and he became a werewolf, after that he was more diffrent but he remained good hearted, when he turned 18 he worked for Tony and they became good friends and they work togeather to this very day. Richy used his werewolf powers when he was in need to fight with out using any weapons and when he needed to work with Tony at his bar, Tony's where he is Tony's partner in the business.

Age: 20

Relationships: Tony (Best friend) Andy (Best friend)

Family: Unkown