Basic infoEdit

This Feral Cat, along with Scaur, Grizir and Astun, killed and robbed travellers along the road, a ditch under a few trees being their main Hideout, in the time of "High Rhulain".

He and his fellows were previously of Riggu Felis' Feral Cat Army, Rask and Grizir Weilmarks. They were part of the gang of Weilmark Scaut when he tried fleeing from Green Isle. They fled the moment they spotted Pitru, but foolish Scaut and a few others continued on, to be captured.

Rask, like his brother Scaur, is tall, lean and sinewy.


Name: Weilmark Rask

Species: Feral Cat

Gender: Male

Weaponry: Spear, scimitar