Species: Ferret

Gender: Female

Age: 16 1/2

Appearance: Like the picture; but minus the extra hair.

Personality: Unlike her adopted sister, Redwood, Onepaw is rarely serious, and is always up for a fight, be it against friend or enemy. But like her sister; she is also very determined. She can be harsh and bad-tempered when she chooses to; and is both a good friend and a feared enemy.

Weapons: Hatchet, hook

Backstory: Onepaw was the daughter of Jisky Bloodtooth the Warlord, and his dead mate, Thurn. Jisky cut one of her front paws off as a baby because he despised her as much as Thurn and hoped that it would kill her, but he ultimately failed. When she and Redwood were 16; Jisky found out their location, intending to murder their adopted mother Slicktail, which he did. Redwood and Onepaw escaped at separate times; and each thought the other was dead. While Redwood stayed in the forest; Onepaw traveled to Redwall where she adopted her father's surname, Bloodtooth.

I credit Springfern, Onepaw's original creator for the content.