Gender: Male

Eye color: Light sea blue

Species: Otter

Place of Origin:Redwall, Mossflower

Appearance:Niko is an average sized otter, though he is 2 inches taller than the other otters. He is very warm hearted. He also has natural color fur, more likely a ginger color. He also wears a green habit or a light brown and blue habit.

Weapons: Niko carries several kinds of weapons from knives to daggers and pistols to an AK-47 or anything else he can use against his enemies.


Niko is a kind hearted beast and is always thinking of others. He also has a great since of humor and is a real flirt with the ladies though he is shy around them. He can be really loyal to his friends and is always coming up with ways to make his friends laugh even if they are not in best of moods.


Niko was born and raised in Redwall Abbey, Mossflower country, at the age of 13 he was a victim to Cluny's terrorism, After a month of Cluny's death, Niko moved from the abbey to a small house in the north, just a 5 minute walk from the abbey, Niko is best friends with his childhood friends Mike and Salem the Cruel, has an elder sister named Dian. At the age of 15, Niko met a beautiful mousemaid named Rosemarie Flynn, they spent most of their time talking, chatting and hanging out with Mike or Salem. Soon Niko fell in love with Rosemarie, and they eventually got married and had a daughter named Alyssa Banks.


Relationships: Mike (Best friend) Salem (Bestfriend) Rosemarie Flynn (Bestfriend/Girlfrind/Wife) Melinda (Best Friend) The Abbot (Father figure/friend)

Family: Diana Banks, (Sister) Rosemarie Flynn (First Wife) Alyssa Banks (Daughter) Melinda, (Best Friend) Jason Voorhees, (Brother in Law) Lem, (Brother in Law) Rei, (Father in Law) Lit, (Mother in Law) Cire (Brother in Law)