Gender: Female

Eye color: Brown

Species: Weasel/Ferret

Place of Origin: Liberty City

Appearance: Nickie is a brown and white weasel, she wears a blue and white dress, she wears diamond ear rings and red sandles, she is abit tall for a weasel.

Weapons: Nickie carries all kinds of weapons, her main weapon is a bow and arrow and a big sword.


Nickie is a tough and mean girl, but she does have a soft spot for the little ones, she is very sweet when she wants to be, Nickie has a mean temper, she loves children and helps out at the local yuth center, Nick is only violent or hot headed when someone trys to harm the little ones she works with, she also works at the senior home where she visits her grandparents.


Nickie was born at the local hospital in Liberty City, South Bohan hospital, she dosen't know who her biological father is, Nickie lives with her mother and she helps look after children at the local orphan homes, she loves working with little ones and she will kill anyone who brings any harm to them, she also takes her time by helping out at the old age home, helping the sinor citizens, Nickie has commited a few crimes but only due to anger issues, she deals with her issues by talking about it with her mother or her half brother, Tony who visits during the summer.

Age: 19

Relationships: Richy (Best Friend) (Has some friends in orphan home) (No love intrests or crushes)

Family: Tony (Half Brother) Richy (Best Friend) Unknown mother and unkown father