Gender: Male

Eye color: Brown

Species: Mouse

Place of Origin: Mossflower, Redwall Abbey

Appearance: Mike is a tan mouse and he wears a brown or green habit and either sandles or cloggs.

Weapons: Mike carries a sling, some daggers and a bow and arrow set. He won't use these weapons unless he needs to.


Mike is a sweet and wonderful mouse, he is always helpful and trys his best to help others when he can, Mike has a good since of humor and is great to be around with.


Mike was born a week before Niko was which makes him older than Niko, When Mike was 13 he met a fox named Melinda and they became good friends, too good of friends, around when he was 14 the 2 of them started a relationship which ended when her job at the abbey was done, when Mike was 15 he met a young mousemaid who was befriended to Niko, soon Mike started a relationship and eventually married her.

Age: 16

Relationships: Niko Banks (Best Friend) and has some friends in Redwall Abbey

Family: Parents dececaded