Gender: Female

Eye color: Brown

Species: Squirrel

Place of Origin: Noonvale, currently living in Mossflower

Appearance: Melissa is a red fur squirrel, she wears a blue dress and matching slippers, she also wears a tank top and green jeans, she also has some nice gold tail rings.

Weapons: Melissa has a sling which she uses to protect herself, she also has a long sword and a set of daggers and bow and arrows.


Melissa is a cleaver and tricky squirrelmaid, she can trick anybeast into doing things for her, she is also caring, mostly to her own kind and towards woodlanders, she will help any vermin if they are kind, and do her favors.


Melissa was born in Mossflower, where she grew up as an orphane for the most of her life, at the age of 10, Melissa was adopted into a family of mice. knowing that she is a squirrel and cared for her, as a member of the family, at the age of 15, Melissa began her work at her adopted family's market, where she worked as a salesbeast, one day while service was slow, Melissa sang out of bordem, which attracted coustomers to the family market, at the age of 16, Melissa began her career as a singer at the local resturants, where she met some good and supportive friends, and few male admires, who could not help sending letters to her, about how much they loved her talented singing voice, at the age of 18, Melissa became exstreamly famous and had lots of fans, through out Mossflower, she even donated gold to the orphanage she grew up in, at the age of 19, Melissa discovers that her mother is alive, and she is sorry that she gave her up all those seasons ago, and exsplained that she didn't have enough to take care of a child than herself, and she is proud that she has grown up to be such a talented and kind squirrel, and that she is on her way to see Melissa in couple days time.

Age: 20

Relationships: Has lots of friends through out Mossflower, Ratthias (Husband)

Family: Mr. Barker (Adopted father) Mrs. Barker (Adopted mother) Unknowm Biological Mother Jerold "Cain" Barker (Missing Biological twin brother) Ratthias (Husband)