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Was born to the Guosim Tribe in Eastern Mossflower, and when he was young, he was attacked by vermin bandits, who slew the band of shrews that were with him, and stole the supplies and logboats. Jakob was lucky enough to be searching for food in the bushes when they had striked, so he was able to hide quickly. After witnissing this disgusting scene, the shrew took up the rapier of one of the fallen...His father, Logalog Greel, and swore vengeance for the vermin's victims.

He hunted them down, sparing none, and was soon known throughout the Eastern Woods, taking up the title of Logalog of the Guosim soon after returning to the remainder of his tribe and telling them of his father's fate.

As he and his tribe were heading for Southsward, a traveling mouse known as Sandal appeared, requesting assistance-His father had died of an infectious wound a while earlier, and the mouse requested that they bring his body together to Redwall Abbey, where his father had lived his early seasons. Jakob agreed, his tribe being low on supplies. As they traveled towards Redwall, two shrews appeared-Briggs and Tramik, wishing to join Jakob on his journey, and soon afterwards, joining the tribe.


Species: shrew

Gender: Male

Weaponry: Rapier, sling and stones

GUOSIM Tribe under GreelEdit

Logalog Greel


Grebbo, Cook

===GUOSIM Tribe under Jakob]]

Briggs, Scout


Grebbo, Cook

Appears inEdit

A Tale of Redwall: Malkosir