Gender: Female

Eye color: Sky Blue

Species: Otter

Place of Origin: Noonvale

Appearance: Lilia is a beautiful young ottermad, she wears a blue tunic and also nice pear of jeans that go with it she also wears all kinds of clothing.

Weapons: Lillia carries a belt filled with daggers and afew grenades she also uses a bow and arrow set for hunting and long distance battle.


Lilia is very nice and is very head stronge when it comes to her friends, she is a team leader and is always helping even when no one asks, she is sweet to all even her elders.


Lilia and her brother Barko were born in Noonvale she and her brother lived in Noonvale for most of their childhood, when they turned 13, their family moved to Mossflower and soon they both worked for Redwall abbey and it's otters aswell as the other beasts living there.

Age: 19

Relationships: Nancy (Best friend)

Family: Barko (Twin Brother)