Eye color: Golden Brown

Species: Mouse

Place of Origin: The North lands

Appearance: Levi has a tan orangeish kind of fur, he wears a brown taunic and has a brownish color clogs, he sometimes wears sandles aswell.

Weapons: Levi has a set of small and normal daggers, he also has a long sword and a bow and arrow set, which he uses during long rang hunts and battle.


Levi is a kind hearted beast, just like his mother, and he is often making others laugh with his jokes, he has a good since of humor just like his dad, and he keeps busy with working around the local area.


Levi was born in the North lands, along with brother, Vince, during his youth, Levi helped others that lived in Mossflower, at the age of 9, Levi began to work in the arts of healing and herbs, and he helped his mother with each beast she visited, at the age of 13, Levi started to do work on his own and helped others on his own, instead of traveling with his mother. Levi's hobby was comedy, so at the age of 14, Levi decided to join in the arts of comedy, he was good at making others laugh, and if a beast needed his help, Levi was always there to help a fellow beast., he was the most popular in all of his classes, and he helped out alot, no matter what, he was happy to help.

Age: 15

Relationships: Mike (God Father) Salem (Godmother) Alyssa Banks (Older Half Sister) Melinda (Adopted Mother) The Abbot (Father figure/friend) Niko Banks (Adopted Father)

Family: Diana Banks, (Aunt) Rosemarie Flynn (Other mother) Alyssa Banks (Half sister) Melinda, (Adopted Mother) Jason Voorhees, (Uncle) Lem, (Uncle) Rei, (Grandfather) Lit, (Grandmother) Cire (Uncle)