Gender: Male

Eye color: Yellow

Species: Red Fox

Place of Origin: Mossflower Game Preserve

Appearance: Launce is a red fox with silky soft fur and he wears a rangers outfit but when he is working he wears an exsplorers out doors outfit with a matching hat, he also wears black boots for long grass and hard to walk places and has a pair of binoculars to see in long distance, Launce is said to be told is very hansome.

Weapons: Launce carries a machete to use to get throug thick bush and long grass and he has a rifle and a pistol aswell as an assult rifle.


Launce is a sweet and polite fox he is always thinking about others before himself, he is a great beast and is always caring for the nature life in his family nature preserve, He rarely gets angry unless he sees some beast attacking or killing any nature life in the Preserve.


Launce was born in a Infirmary at one of the hotels in the game preserve, when he was 2 years old he met a squirrel named Lily Lakewood, who was being picked on by some other beasts, after telling the other beasts to kindly leave, They soon become best friends, at the age of 15 Launce dropped out of school to work for his father at the game preserve, a week after he joined Launce's father died of cancer due to his drinking habit and after his father's death Launce tuke over the family business with Lily as his partner and continued his father's work in Brushflail game preserve. Nothing is known about his mother, she died when Launce was only a 4 month old cub.

Age: 18

Relationships: Has some friends in his family's Game Preserve Lily Lakewood (Best friend/girlfriend)

Family: Mr Brushflail (Father) Mrs Brushflail (Mother) Unkown Mrs Brushflail (Step mother)