Gender: Male

Eye color: Green

Species: Squirrel

Place of Origin: Noonvale, currently traveling.

Appearance: Jerold is a brown fur squirrel, he wears a green taunic and has ear rings and 2 tail rings, he sometimes wears a habit. He can sometimes be seen wearing a blue or a brown taunic or habit.

Weapons: Jerold has a bow and arrow set, he also has a sling and couple daggers, he also has a pike and a battle axe.


Jerold is sly and tricky, he can be selfish, he can be kind but he shows it in the most unusual way, he is also clever and has a good since of humor.


Jerold was born in Noonvale, along with his twin sister Melissa, they spent most of their time together, affter their biological father died and their mother was missing, also possibly dead, at the age of 10, Jerold and Melissa, were seperated in a storm, since then he has been searching for his sister, at the age of 14, Jerold started working at a local inn, in Mossflower, where he worked in the kitchen and became the cook at the inn, soon he began fixing up the wrecked kitchen that needed some good fixing up, at the age of 16, Jerold returned to his traveling life, after the inn was attacked by a horde of vermin, lead by a devious fox, he kept on traveling to the north, where he met up with a small band of musicians, he joined them and started playing the violine, at the age of 18, Jerold's new life with the band of musicians was great, he had become very talented, and learned few tricks from the band's 2 foxes, Jerold continued his work as a cook in the band, one day, while proforming on stage with the band, Jerold is told that there is a squirrel who wants to talk to him, and she claims to be his long lost missing sisster, Melissa, he meets up with Melissa and she shows him a letter from their mother, claming that she is alive, and she will see them in a few days time. Both Melissa and Jerold were so glad to hear that their mother is alive, and that they have finally been reunited with each other, once again.

Age: 20

Relationships: Has lots of friends through out Mossflower and Noonvale.

Family: Mr. Barker (Adopted father) Mrs. Barker (Adopted mother) Unknowm Biological Mother, Melissa" Barker (Missing Biological twin Sister) Ratthias (Brother In Law)