Gender: Female

Eye color: Golden brown

Species: Ferret

Place of Origin: Noonvale

Appearance: Jenny is a drop dead gorgeous ferret, her fur is pure white, she wears a pink dress, she wears her family locket around her neck with a picture of her parents in it, sometimes she will wear black jeans and a I heart Noonvale T-shirt.

Weapons: All she can use is a tazur or her beautiful voice.


Jenny is very kind and warm hearted beast, she can be shallow at times but she keeps her heart on the right track, she is an exalint singer and always sings from her heart no matter what song she sings.


Jenny was born in Noonvale and was the first ferret to be born there since the last 20 years, when she was 12 Jenny started her singing lessons, when she turned 15 Jenny went to Mossflower and became famous for her singing and beautiful voice and her drop dead looks.

Age: 18

Relationships: Tony (Ex boyfriend) some friends around Noonvale and Mossflower

Family: Parents currently living in Noonvale