Gender: Male

Eye color: Golden Brown

Species: Red Fox

Place of Origin: Camp Crtstal Lake, Mossflower.

Appearance: Jason is abit taller than Melinda, Jason wears a torn up jacket, with sevral bullet holes in it, he wears brown or greyish pants and swamp boots, Jason has the same color fur as his sister Melinda and has abit of a resembelince to Lem, but no beast knows for sure.

Weapons: Jason uses almost anykind of weapon, from his machete to, Jason also can use his strenght and brute force as a weapon aswell.


Cold and heartless, he rarely shows his emotions and he is exstreamly stubbern, unless Mel yells at him to behave, in a manner that his mother did.


Jason was born in Camp Crystal Lake, Mossflower, a small little place not far from Redwall Abbey Jason was killed at the camp, or what people seemed to be his death, Years after the camp reopened, a new camp councilor and her team tuke charge at the camp, when Jason confronted the Camp Counsilor, he finds out that she is infact his half sister, Melinda, he also finds out that he and Lem are half brothers and he grows a liking to them both, but when he met Mel's husband, Niko. Jason attempted to kill him, after afew times trying to kill Niko, Jason soon became friends with Niko and Jason starts to open up more to Niko and his half siblings.

Age: Early to mid 30's

Relationships: Niko (Best Friend) Nit (Other Best Friend) Hera (Wife) Red (Brother in Law)

Family: Melinda (Half Sister) Angela (Mother) Unknown father. Hera (Wife) Lem (Brother) Pit (Friend) Niko Banks (Friend) Ram (Family Friend) Dian (Friend) Rei (Step Father) Lit (Step Mother) Red (Brother in Law) Amber (Niece) Theron (Nephew) Myrna (Niece) Rex (Son) Lynette (Daughter)