Eye color: Golden brown

Species: Red Fox

Place of Origin: Liberty City

Appearance: Jackie wears leather pants a police uniform and a police hat. Her fur is a red/orange color and she has spots on her face which she covers up when ever she goes on a date. She also is the narmal height of a Red Fox though she is a few inches smaller.

Weapons: Jackie carries a tazur which she uses when need be, she also has a pocket knife and a pistol and has a shoutgun at the back of her police car.


Jackie is a very strict cop who takes her job seriously but she can be abit flirtish when a cute guy is involved but if he is a law breaker she will either use her charm on them or use bruit force if all else fails. Jackie is a pleasent little vixen who has a great since of humor but if you say any jokes about her job you better run.


Born in San Andreas, Las Venturas Jackie's father ran the local Mafia which is the reason she became a cop in the first place, though they don't get along Jackie's father is proude that she chose the police force and she would take up her time to catch some of his hoods.(The ones who betray her father). During the age of 15, Jackie became ill and had to goto the local healer, Arlo, for help, where she met Arlo's brother Tazorx, at first Jackie and Tazorx became close friends, and soon they fell in love with each other, soon after they started dating, Tazorx perposed to Jackie and she accepted, 2 months later, Jackie asks Arlo for advice and soon telled Arlo that she is pregnant with Tazorx's child, which made things complecated for her and Tazorx, soon her and Tazorx got married and a week later, Jackie gave birth and had daughter named Gale-Violet Bonebreaker, her and Tazorx soon settled down near by Arlo's home, At the age of 18 she married the police chief of the Mossflower Police department then around her age of 19 the pair went their own ways but still look out for once another.


Relationships: Tazorx (Bestfriend/Boyfriend/Husband/Ex Husband) Bill Parker (Ex Husband) seviral boyfriends

Family: Tazorx (First Ex Husband) Gale-Violet Bonebreaker (Daughter) Bill Parker (2nd Ex Husband) Officer Parker (Ex Brother in Law) posibblity parents are Deceased