Eye color:Brown

Species: Ferret

Place of Origin:Springwood,Mossflower

Appearance: Freddy Krueger wears a dark brown hat, his fur and skin is terribly burnt he has a glove filled with knives, he wears dark blue pants and and wears a striped black and red or green and red sweatter is exstreamly dangerous.

Weapons: Freddy Krueger uses a set of knives he stuck onto a glove that he made he uses this to kill his victims he also uses other kinds of weapons.


Freddy has a horroried since of humor, maybe one of the reasons that he was killed for, he is also mean to his victims and can not be trusted.


Fred Krueger was born in Springwood during Martin the Warrior's time, he use to be a gardener to a pre school and was loved by the dibbuns as he loved them too, after being discovered for his wickedness on the young ones the parents of Mossflower as well as Springwood cornered him in his secret boiler room, after Krueger's death he started to get his revenge on the children of Springwood aswell as Mossflower country.

Age: Somewhere in his late 30's and early 40's


Family: Amanda Krueger (Mother)