Gender: Female

Eye color: Brown

Species: Mouse

Place of Origin: Mossflower, Redwall Abbey

Appearance: Dian is a grey Mouse, she wears a sisters dress which is white and green and she also wears a scalf, she normally goes around with her Scaf off.

Weapons: None at all.


Dian has an Italian accent, she is very nice to all of her friends and is very fond of cute guys from any species, she is always helping out in the kitchen and she has a great but sometimes naughty since of humor.


Dian was born during the summer, she worked as the Abbey's bell ringer for 5 seasons then when she was 13 she moved to Noonvale, Dian is told that she has a Brooklyn Italian accent meaning one of her parents are from New York, Brooklyn, when Dian was 18 she started to work for the airlines of Mossflower. It is rumored that Dian is Niko's older sister.

Age: 21

Relationships: Ram (Boyfriend) Lem (Boyfriend in Vamp RPG)

Family: Cire (Husband) Niko Banks (Brother) Melinda (Best Friend) Pit (Adopted son) Lem (Brother in Law) Jason Voorhees (Friend) Rei (Father in Law) Lit (Mother in Law) Parents dececaded