Gender: Male

Eye color: Green

Species: Otter/sea otter

Place of Origin:Noonvale

Appearance: Doesen't wear anything but a taunic unbuttoned, he also wears a fancy hat and tux when he meets an otter maid he likes, his fure is pure brown and is very shiney when it gets wet

Weapons: Nutter has sevral daggers and a bow and arrow set and he can use any kind of weapon when he needs to.


Nutter is a fun and great spirited otter with a nutty ego and is known to be very funny, he and Mr Funny both share the same line of work and both are a team when it comes to a crowd.


The Nutter was adopted by Mr Funny's family after his died in a ship accident. since then he has been close to Mr Funny through out their lives nothing else is known about Nutter.


Relationships: Sevral circus friends

Family: Rico (Younger brother) Nancy (Sister)