The Darkkeel was a Corsair Brigantine who's crew originated from the stretch of land known as Dead Tide. It was built from ash trees, and was painted a deep-black.

It sailed numerous times, from island to island, and even ventured inland more then once, for it's crew to pillage and burn every village that was in their way.

It's first sea battle was known as The Battle of Red Tides, which resulted in the loss of it's first captain, the fox Riftrunn, slain by an arrow.

After that encounter, the weasel Rakkid took charge, and sailed for Gresk, where he took the alligator Mr. Grinn as a prize.

It's golden age was short-lived however, when a ship under Skipper Riggs attacks, slaying the corsairs and scuttling the ship.

Basic infoEdit

Ship type: Brigantine

Made from: Ash trees

It's CaptainsEdit




It's crewEdit

Rakkid: Lieutenant

Ragjaw: Bosun

Triggy: Lookout

Corner: Quartermaster