Cobra Commander and Party

The commander and his Crimson guards

Cobra Commander1

You will pay for your treachery!


Gender: Male.

Eye color: Either brown or Black.

Species: Red Fox.

Place of Origin: The Northlands.

Appearance: Cobra Commander appears wears blue clothing with the Cobra symble on the right side of his uniform, he wears a hood or a mask, but mostly a mask, he can also change his appearance when he chooses to.

Weapons: Cobra Commander has all kinds of weapons, but he mostly carry's a pistol with him, he also uses it during battle against his enemies, and enemies to his organization.


Wicked, greedy, ruthless, cowardly, controling, rich, arrogant, all-powerful, jealous, all that makes Cobra Commander a good leader, plus selfishness.


Cobra Commander is the ruthless leader of the terroist organization known as Cobra, the ruthless terrorist
Cobra Commander

You shall all bow down to me, as your new leader of the REDWALL WORLD AND MOSSFLOWER, COBRA!!!!!!!

organization determined to rule the world of Redwall, though they have tryed to take over Redwall countless times, and some other places, the woodlanders and Long Patrol manage to defeat them, causing the Commander to show either his cowardly or ruthless side, depends on how the mission turns out.

Age:Some where in his mid 30s early 40s.

Relationships: Destro (Partner in Cobra) The Baroness (Also Partner in Cobra)

Family: Cobra is his family, DUH!