Captain Flager was a tall ferret, imperious in all his ways. This corsair captain plagued the Isle of Wellt for two seasons, until he was driven out by the natives and various other beasts, such as the resident lizards and toads. He then tacked his ship Dethblade(his original ship had been plundered and destroyed by ravaging toads and lizards) on a course for Mossflower Shores. However, a ship loaded with lizards, toads and tribal vermin followed him and at last caught up. He rammed their ship with his own and then escaped to Mossflower, where he and his bedraggled crew disembarked. They fled into the woods then were captured by a large gang of Mossflowerian vermin who slew Flager. His crew went on to join the gang and then meet up again with their avenging foe.