Basic Description and HistoryEdit

The Bloodleech is a slave Galley, Captained by the searat Scaburn. It only sailed thrice, once to the Isle of Wren, where the crew were attacked by a gang of murderous sea otters, and the ship set alight. Scaburn was slain, but the ship was saved, after quick thinking from the Slave-Master, Blajag. Under Blajag, the ship sailed a second time, for an island known as Brass, and the searats took several Sand Lizards as slaves their Galley Slaves. The ship then ran aground some rocks on Southsward's shores, and the last of the crew were slain by the few slaves alive, and eaten. The ship was destroyed by the Sand Lizards who escaped it's hull, and left in pieces as a warning to all who dare enter the Sand Lizard's domain again.





Blajag: Slave-Master

Gurj: Lookout

Trogge: Helmsrat