Gender: Male

Eye color: Brown

Species: Mouse

Place of Origin: Mossflower

Appearance: Bill wears a police taunic and a bandana and a police covering it, His fur is grey with abit of white spots.

Weapons: Bill carries a silg and has sevral diffrent weapons with him, he can use everyday itams as weapons and he can use a gun if he needs to when threatened. he is also pretty good at using a dagger or knife.


Bill is a rule follower and can also be a rule breaker if he needs to, Bill also is very good with others and the ladies, Bill also has a very good since of humor which is a real attraction to the ladies.


Bill was born in Mossflower and was known as Billy Parker till he joined the police department, during his 16th birthday Bill started studding law then at the age of 19 he got married to his first partner in the force and soon after wards he became the police chief, after 3 years as the police chief Bill and Jackie Parker broke up due to personal but classified issues, as of now they are now friends.


Relationships: Sevral friends in Mossflower Police Department Jackie (Ex Wife and now friend)

Family: Officer Parker (Brother) Jackie (Ex Wife)