Barty's History

Was born to two proud Long Patrol hares, but left Salamandastron to make a name for himself, as the Mountain seemed to have no need for galavanting young hares and warthirsty old veterans. But when he returned after many seasons. what his eyes first met was the smoldering ruins of his mountain home, and a horde camped outside, celebrating over their victory. Loathing to see the home he knew as nothing but ash in the dust, the hare gathered rebels, fought the horde, and helped stage a rebellion, that ended the wildcat's deadly grip on Salamandastron forever.


Nickname: Barty

Species: Hare

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Occupation: Wandering Long Patroller

Appearance: Tall, light-brown fur, blue eyes

Weapons: Saber, Crossbow(Depends), dirk, Javelin(Depends)

Personality: Joking and cheerfull 98% of the time, loves food(Especially Pie)

Relatives: Captain Sanding(Mother), Major Maerik(Father)