Gender: Male

Eye color: Sky Blue

Species: Otter

Place of Origin: Noonvale

Appearance: Barko is a sweet and hansome otter, he wears a brown tunic blue pants and black sandles (When he goes on nature walks with his friends and sister and friends) Barko sometimes wears a tracksuit top and long pants and cloggs

Weapons: Barko carries a spear and a battle axe along with a bow and arrow set and a magnum incase he gets into real trouble. He is very kind and is very much like his sister and every kind of was as possible.


Barko is abit of a prankster but he is awfully sweet to others, ottermaids ecspecially,


Broka and his sister Lilia were born in Noonvale him and his sister lived in Noonvale for most of their childhood, when they turned 13, their family moved to Mossflower and soon they both worked for Redwall abbey and it's otters aswell as the other beasts living there.

Age: 19

Relationships: Some friends that hang around Mossflower

Family: Lilia (Twin sister)