Gender: Female

Eye color: Green

Species: Red Fox

Place of Origin: North of Mossflower

Appearance: Arlolana is a Red Fox with purely red fur, his front and back paws are both black, Arlolana wears a blue dress with matching sandles that go with her dress, she also wears a white Hello Kitty T-shirt and blue long pants with sneakers that go with them.

Weapons: Arlolana has a bow and arrow set and couple of throwing daggers, she also has a javilen and a sawed off shotgun which she uses on rare occasions, she also has a uzi incase she needs something to fire at fast moving targets.


Arlolana is tottaly the oppisite of her brother, she is kind sweet and thoughtful, she is a good singer, and a talented cook, she is mostly kind and is always helping woodlanders in anyway she can, and she is abit shy at times, she also trys to be a good cook and singer, Arlo is also a tad shy when it comes to meeting new people, but she always manages to find the courage to talk to them.


Arlolana and her brother were born North of Mossflower during the summer, at the age of 13, Arlo sang at the senior home her grandfather lived at, she always helped there and was a very talented singer and cook at the senior home, when Arlo was 16, she worked at her friend's cafe as the cook, and after that, Arlo would sing on stage which brought alot of coustermers to the cafe, at the age of 18, Arlo was famous at the cafe, that she was offered alot of contracts, but she turned them down and remained as a cook at the cafe, she had lots of fans and admires that she would be more than happy to talk to, now she sings and cooks at the cafe during week days and nights, and at the senior hom during weekend days and nights, which Arlo enjoyed doing, she is also a tad shy or very shy when it comes to meeting new beasts, she is also known to be a very skilled healer, which makes her good with herbs and can cook up any kind of potion she can in a second.

Age: 19

Relationships: Rumest (Best friend/ big fan) Friend that owns the cafe (Second best friend)

Family: Parents (Unknown) Tazorx Bonebreaker (Brother) Rumets (Best friend) Jackie (Sister In Law) Gale-Violet (Neice)