Archangel, the mage

Species: Wolf

Looks: Sunset eyes, grey wolf

Gender: Male

Carries a magic staff which can weave spells.


This wolf can weave spells, useful for ranged combat. Wears The "Armour of the Grey". A powerful wolf who travels by himself ready to face any danger.

No one knows where he hails from, no one even knows who he really is.

Last FightEdit

His last battle was a disaster, he was a part of the Stone War, one of the hardest wars ever brought upon the world. He barely made it out alive. He was the sole-survivor. He had a team once, they all died in the war, since then he has lived rouge, keeping his wits about him and staying scarce. He has no desire for battle. He wanders the country aimlessly hoping to find a team to work with him, so he can destroy what was once his.