Gender: Female

Eye color: Green

Species: Red Fox

Place of Origin: Mossflower

Appearance: Angela wears a beautiful red dress, she also wears 2 gold tail rings and a pair of dimond earrings, she also wears a green taunic or a green T-shirt and blue jeans.

Weapons: Angela carries a set of daggers, she also has a sling and a bow and arrow set, for modern RPGs, Angela has a shotgun and a 44 mm magnum.


Angela is a very caring towards her family, she is also overprotective at times, when it comes to her children, ecspecially Melinda and jason, besides all that, Angela is just a loving and caring mother, towards her family.


Angela was born in Mossflower, where she grew up with alot of friends and a carying family, at the age of 14, Angela opened a chain of bakeries and resturants, and she was very famous for her sundaes, at the age of 15, Angela made alot of money, due to her career of working the resturants and bakeries, at the age of 16, her collage life has just started, and Angela met her first love, a handsome fox, whom she met at one of her resturants, while she was checking up on all the resturants, at the time she spent with with him, Angela soon fell in love with the fox, after a while, Angela and the fox, had a cub son, whom they named Jason, 10 years after Jason was born, Angela met a fox named Rei, who she became friends with and was very friendly with him, most of the time, one day Angela broke it to Rei, that she was pregnant, which was a surprise to the both of them, soon Angela had a pair of twins cubs, whom she and Rei named Melinda and Lem, they could not agree who should look after them, so Angela agreed that she keep Melinda and Rei keep Lem, and they could come and visit anytime they want, over the years, Angela kepts a close eye on her children, Jason, Melinda and Lem.

Age: 57

Relationships: Parents unknown, first boyfriend unknown, Rei (Best Friend/boyfriend)

Family: Jason (Son) Melinda (Daughter) Lem (Son) Rei (Best Friend/Boyfriend) Red (Son In Law) Hera (Possible future daughter in Law)