Gender: Male

Eye color: Sea Blue

Species: Stoat

Place of Origin: Mossflower

Appearance: Andy is an avrage height Stoat and has been through alot in life he wears a yellow and green Taunic and a T- shirt sometimes though

Weapons: Andy is good at using Daggers,pocket knife and anything he can use for a weapon warning don't let him have any exsplosive stuff he will blow up a few city blocks with 1 stick of TNT.


Andy is Loyal, good with others and is known as a comidan and ladies beast ha's well good manners and is never rude and is very naughty sometimes LOL not all the time he behaves himself all the time and gets offended really easy. He is friendly, but can be really mean if he wants to or if someone said something that hurts his feelings.


Andy was born in Mossflower and lived in a small village his family died when he was 10 months old and has been through alot since then, around the age of 13 Andy worked at a local Church to support others who are in a worse place then he is, Later around when turns 14 Andy went to commiting crimes but to help others though some people were killed to help others.

Age: 16

Relationships: has lots of best friends and some ex girlfriends.

Family: Unkown parents dececaded, Tony (Cousin)