Gender: Female

Eye color: Light sea blue

Species: Mouse

Place of Origin: Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Country

Appearance: Alyssa Banks is a tan mouse, just like her parents. She has light blue eyes, just like her father. She wears a brown tunic or a beautiful red or blue dress. She also has a green dress.

Weapons: Alyssa Banks carrys her parent's weapons. As well as a set of daggers and a sling. She carries a bow and arrow set.


Alyssa is head strong, just like her mother, and she is very kind hearted, like her father. She can be a bit hard to get along with, probably another thing she got from her father, but mostly, she is a kind and generous little mousemaid, which she gets from both of her parents.


Alyssa Banks is the daughter of Niko and Rosemarie Banks, she was born at Redwall Abbey, just like her father was, and she picked some of the natural talents from her parents, like good fighting skills, which she inherited from her father, and her talent to make others laugh, she got from her father as well. She also got the talent to help others from her mother. When Alyssa was 12, she helped at her parents inn, where she worked around the garden area. Alyssa is also a talented gardener, which she got for herself. At the age of 13, Alyssa decided to open her own little business in her parents inn, she selled homemade meals and treats to inn residents and to travelers passing by or looking for directions to the next part of the woods, she also sells whooly blankets during the winter season, to travlers and to residents that live in the inn.

Age: 15

Relationships: Couple of friends in Mossflower and Noonvale

Family: Rosemarie Flynn/Banks (Mosther) Melinda Voorhees/Banks (Step Mother) Niko Banks (Father) Mr. Flynn (Grandfather) Mrs. Flynn (Grandmother) Jason Voorhees, (Uncle) Lem, (Uncle) Rei, (Grand Father) Lit, (Grandmother) Cire (Uncle) Levi (Brother from Melinda) Vince (Brother from Melinda)