Gender: Male

Eye color: Light sea blue

Species: Rat

Place of Origin: Mossflower

Appearance: Alonzo is a brown fur rat, he wears a black or grey taunic, he has a habbit, which he only wears when he is on a sneaky mission.

Weapons: Alonzo has a selective set of weapons, from daggers to axes, but his main weapon is, a huge axe that he carrys with him, where ever he goes.


Alonzo is a roughless, cold blooded killer, when he is mad or is in a rage to fight with someone who messed with his family, but he is very humoress and is kind when he is cheerful and in a good mood, but be careful, you do not want him to get angry with you, so don't mess with his family.


Alonzo was born in Mossflower, his family owns the local tavern/bar, where he learned how to work out in the bar, at the age of 13, Al got started at the tavern business, by opening his own tavern, called Alonzo's Tavern, which became more popular than his father's tavern, The McKinney's Tavern, at the age of 16, Alonzo and his father, joined their taverns and made one big tavern, called Alonoz's Big Tavern, both Alonzo and his father worked together as a team at the tavern, at the age of 20, Alonzo moved most of his tavern business across Mossflower, making it the most popular tavern in the whole of Mossflower Country, lots of woodlanders and vermin came to the taverns, just to eat, drink and to relax with their fellow residents of Mossflower.

Age: 22

Relationships: Mr. Mckinney (Father) Mrs. Mckinney (Mother)

Family: Mr. Mckinney (Father) Mrs. Mckinney (Mother)