Gender: Male

Eye color: Brown

Species: Mouse

Place of Origin: Mossflower, Redwall Abbey

Appearance: Alex wears a brown habit and is a tan ginger mouse, he wears sandles when he goes out side or beyond the abbey doors.

Weapons: carries a bow and arrow and a set of daggers. Alex also carries a shotgun when he goes hunting in the woods or needs protection.


Alex is a loving beast and is very kind, he can be very naughty and abit rude at times but is always well mannered and behaved.


Alex was born a week after Niko was, when he was 4 he watched in horror as his and Niko's parents were murdered by a horde of vermin, at the age of 13 he and Niko and some others worked in the kitchen and also helped out in the battle against Cluny. After the war Alex joined the abbey's defense team, at the age of 15 he met a unit of troopers looking for a place to stay so he brought them to Redwall Abbey

Age: 16

Relationships: Niko (Best friend) Mike (Best friend)

Family: Parents dececaded