Name: Rumwold

Species: Otter

Gender: Male

Personality: Rumwold is calm, gentle and wise despite his young age, but often struggles with dark memories from his past; which he refuses to tell anyone.

Appearance: Rumwold is a sleek, lean otter with green eyes. He is half sea otter and half river otter. He typically wears a green habit with very wide sleeves, and sandals.

Age: 24

Backstory: The son of Abbess Mhera, the first otter Abbess of Redwall, Rumwold seemed destined to follow in her footsteps; his father was a warrior named Rizan who died shortly after he was born. When his mother Mhera died when Rumwold was 22, he took up the position of Abbot of Redwall Abbey.

Weapons: A sword belonging to his uncle; Deyna the Taggerung.